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We love daddies on skis!

When you think of the adventurous freeskiers Matthias "Hauni" Haunholder and Bernd Krainbucher, you certainly don't think of changing nappies or clearing up after children. But that's exactly what is just as much part of the two fathers' daily business as their breathtaking experiences on snow-covered slopes.

I'm sure most parents could write a book about that. Reconciling work, a private life and personal interests with children is a challenge. So it is all the more reassuring to see that other families are also struggling with this challenge. This is exactly the goal of the "Daddies on Skis" film project. Parents should see themselves in different scenes and be humorously reminded that everyone is the same. After all, there is nothing more beautiful in life than our children.

Compromises, strong nerves and, of course, a lot of understanding from Hauni and Bernd's partners are essential to be able to pursue their great passion alongside being a father. The two women also have their say in the film and rate the athletes in their role as fathers. The balance between being a father and pursuing one's own interests is important – that's the main message of this entertaining film.

Partners in crime

The two buddies give us a very entertaining and authentic insight into how they master this balancing act with a bit of self-irony. The intensive friendship between Hauni and Bernd is a great support. Both are still children at heart and come alive in their sporting challenge. "The joint film project only deepened our friendship," says Hauni.


The Kaiser Express from Kitzbühel to Ebbs

In addition to years of friendship and enthusiasm for sport, Hauni and Bernd are also linked by their topography. There are just two mountains between the two of them, the "Wilde Kaiser" and the "Zahme Kaiser", over which there is a well-known and impressive ski tour. This tour literally connects the two and leads in the film from one of their front doorsteps in Kitzbühel to the other's doorstep in Ebbs.

Wild boys are loving daddies

The subject of security plays a major role, especially as a father of a family. Hauni knows his limits and his skills, he plans routes precisely with his team. It's nice to see Hauni blossom into his father role and no longer put himself first, even though he has a great passion for freeriding. His wife Monika even thinks that this makes him a better father because sport offers him the important balance he needs. Nevertheless, Hauni does not want to miss the most important milestones in his children's lives and Hauni's children Greta and Leo are of course having their first experiences on skis with him.


We know Hauni as a long-time member of the Zanier Rider Crew with his daredevil film projects, most recently the "83° Ski the North" film, where he mastered the northernmost ski run in the world. In the unusual, personable "Daddies on Skis" film project, Hauni shows us a completely new side in perfect balance between action-packed sports shots and private insights into his family life. The film was already released in 2018 and Hauni is going to publish it on Facebook as a small Christmas present on 9 December 2019. A lovely opportunity for a family film evening ;-)!

Photocredit: Maximilian Draeger