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All Inn One – The freeride movie from our homebase Innsbruck

Environmental protection, the connection to our home country and above all the passion for mountain sports are values that we at Zanier have always lived by. We are all the more pleased that we were able to support the long-time member of our #zanierfamily, Konsti Ottner, with his current film project!


1 movie, 3 freerider

Freerider Konstantin "Konsti" Ottner from Germany started freeskiing at the age of 15. Already in the third qualifier season he made it to the Freeride World Tour. Konsti's former roommates and good buddies Dorian Konrad and Gabriel Indrist are also well-known faces in the scene, which they definitely prove in their current film project “All Inn One”. "For me, the crew is always the most important thing! When you're on the road with good people, it doesn't really matter what the snow is like or what you're doing. Going skiing with good friends is the best!", says Konsti.

Zanier rider Konstantin Ottner
Zanier rider Konstantin Ottner
The likeable trio is picked up every day by one of their friends, also renowned freeriders.
The likeable trio is picked up every day by one of their friends, also renowned freeriders.

Filmproject: „All Inn One“

The goal of the film is quite clear: Action-packed ski & snowboard scenes with as little travel as possible! If you live in the middle of the Tyrolean mountains, it’s not even that difficult, is it? ;-) Fantastic scenery. Endless possibilities for shredding & filming. That's what Konsti, Dorian and Gabriel also thought: “So why do we have to travel to other countries for hours when we have everything on our doorstep?”

Each of the riders in the movie has his own unique style. That’s what makes the movie so entertaining and varied. "Everything it takes to produce an exciting and fun ski/snowboard movie with lots of variety and good action," says Konsti. Each day of skiing starts with a short introduction of one of the 3 guys. Lots of fun and, who doesn't know it, "a little bit of chaos" during breakfast and packing up in the morning give a wonderful, entertaining insight into this easy-going group. The likeable trio is picked up every day by one of their friends, also renowned freeriders. He then takes them to his favorite freeride area – including the best runs, lines, kickers and all that goes with it!

“A picture is worth a thousand words”

Professional filmmakers and photographers supported the boys in their project. Valentin Walther is not only the man behind the camera, but also a good friend of the boys, as well as filmmaker Ashley Wiggins. Also the editor Lukas Prüfer as well as the top sports photographers Christoph Jorda and Maria Knoll showed us once again what their skills are.

5 questions to Konsti

1. When did you start freeriding?

I started freeriding when I was about 12 years old. At that time, I was mostly racing and just shredding through the forest on the side, before or after practice, and wanted to jump over everything we could find. The real change followed when I was about 15 years old.


2. How can environmental considerations be reconciled with winter sports?

We live on such a beautiful planet, but at the same time we can watch ice/glaciers melting, fires destroying entire countries every summer or the sea level slowly but surely rising. Also the crevasse, which is shown in the video, is no longer there. We are there every year to shoot and see at the same time how the spot disappears and thaws away from year to year . . .

I think everyone would like to live in a world where we don't have to worry so much about such a future. That's why I think it's important to be able to give up a few things and to enjoy what's happening on our doorstep. We live in a paradise anyway, so why not :)


3. Can you tell us your favorite spot for freeriding near Innsbruck?

Uuuh, difficult question. For an afternoon shred certainly the Axamer Lizum, otherwise I like to be in the Zillertal.


4. You've had several surgeries, you crashed at the FWT in Kicking Horse / Canada, you got injured again and had to end the tour. How are you doing physically now? Are there any ambitions for the FWT or are you concentrating on film projects?

Yes, those were three very exhausting years... One knee and four shoulder surgeries later, however, I can say again that I am fit and ready for the winter. I don't know how I managed to get myself up again and again for physio or training. I think it must be the love for skiing :). I'm going to skip FWT for now and focus on filming until my head is back to 100%.


5. Can we already look forward to a next videoproject from you?

Yesss, on two very cool projects. But I don’t want to reveal too much at the moment. But if you know us, you might be able to imagine where we’re going again:)

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Chapeau, guys!

A combination of spectacular freerider scenes, our beautiful Tyrolean mountains and the awareness for our environment, summarized in a very entertaining and captivating film - all in one ;-). The film was already shot in 2020. This year, on November 13th, the premiere took place in Innsbruck at the Freeride Film Base. Online premiere on Facebook on Saturday, 27 November!


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