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  • Care Instructions

    Care Instructions

    Caring for gloves

    Only clean leather gloves with a special leather care product as the leather becomes stiff and brittle if cleaned with water.

    We recommend textile gloves are washed by hand using a mild detergent.

    With gloves combining leather and textile, clean the leather areas using a special leather care product and clean the textile areas using a damp brush/cloth and mild detergent.


    In addition, washable merino and silk liner gloves feel pleasant and hygienic when worn.

    Kindly note:

    Washing the gloves in a washing machine shortens their lifespan. Waterproof gloves have glued membranes. Washing powder can cause this glue to be slowly washed away and this can cause the entire inner lining of the gloves to be pulled out.




    Many sports have a high level of activity, so gloves can become damp outside and inside, due to sweating.

    Dry gloves that have got wet with moderate heat (not on the heater or stove). Place the glove in a dry, heated space. It is best to hang or arrange the glove so that the opening faces upward.

    To avoid staining, do not let wet gloves come into contact with other items of clothing. 


    Kindly note:

    When drying do not place on a stove or tiled stove. This can damage the materials, decreasing their performance.

    Glove Fit

    ZANIER gloves have a preformed cut. The natural position of a hand is slightly curved – our cut imitates this hand posture. This is also exactly how the glove should be tried on – with fingers curved and not stretched out.


    ZANIER gloves should fit perfectly when you make a fist. Ideally, 5 mm of “air” should also remain between fingertips and glove tips. Air forms an additional layer of insulation and thus keeps the wearer warmer. It is better for the gloves to be a little too large than too small.


    ZANIER heatable gloves punctually heat in the fingertips. Therefor heatable gloves should fit well. There should be only very small space inbetween fingertips and glove.



    Store the gloves in a cool, dark and dry place. Do not expose gloves to intense sun light.


    Heatable gloves:

    To ensure long service life, we recommend storing the batteries in cool spaces (between 5°C/41°F and 20°C/68°F), charged halfway. For this, the batteries must not be connected to the gloves or the charger.

    In case of long-term storage, discharge the batteries every 6 months and half recharge them again (approx. 3 hours).

    Wearing tips

    Many ZANIER gloves include an adjustable LEASH, which makes the gloves comfortably dangle from the wrist. You will never lose your gloves again.

    With the HOOK on selected gloves you can easily attach the gloves with a carabiner to your backpack.

    Please be expecially careful when handling skis, snowboards, ... Sharp (ski) edges easily cut through the most robust materials.



    Gloves for various requirements

    Heat sensitivity is subjective and dependent on blood circulation, sex and also on the level of activity. That is why the warmest glove is not the ideal solution for everyone.

    For cold-sensitive people, we offer highly insulated models with e.g. down or sheepwool right up to heatable gloves.

    For cold-insensitive people who tend to sweat, we recommend models with less insulation but more grip feeling.


    Be aware of your personal needs and wishes in detail and select the glove according to these criteria.