Before every tour it is the same question: “What do I take with me?” If you pack too much, you will not have fun on the  mountain. If you miss something, you will freeze. Also important is how to pack the backpack. Further some practical apps support you in planning.


It is optimum to pack your backpack with some fresh clothes. In spring and autumn it should contain a (skiing-) vest or functional shirt, an additional fleece shirt and a lighweight jacket is warmly recommended. A headband or a hat and some thin gloves keep your head and hands comfortably warm. In unstable weather conditions also a waterproof jacket should be taken.


Following tips should be followed whilst packing:

  • Light equipment should be packed on the ground of the packpack.
  • Pack middle-weight equipment like clothes on top.
  • Heavy equipment is to be carried on shoulder-height, possibly near the body.
  • Small things, which are used regularly, should be packed in the top of the backpack.

WanderApps, like „TwoNav“ or „Corridor 5 Outdoor Atlas“ should be downloaded at your smartphone. The TOUCH-function of style ALLROUND.WS® keeps the hands warm while operating you smartphone or GPS device.