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Isotonic Sports Drink - Lemon 6 Pack

Isotonic Sports Drink - Lemon 6 Pack
  • Isotonic Sports Drink - Lemon 6 Pack
  • Isotonic Sports Drink - Lemon 6 Pack
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The Isotonic Sports Drink, consisting of carbohydrates and elektrolytes, is an isotonic sports drink in powder form. The powder has to be mixed with water. Thanks to specifically chosen maltodextrin the water and powder will quickly mix. The body will absorp this solution quick and easy. The drink has a clever 2:1-ratio between glucose and fructose. Glucose (also known as dextrose) is the most important source of fuel for the body. The ratio has to be just right. With normal nutrition you can convert a maximum of around 60 gram of sugar to energy per hour. With a 2:1-ratio between glucose and fructose the conversion rate can increase to 90 grams. Your body will have more energy available for exercise. It has a distinctively high level of essential minerals (sodium, magnesium, calcium, potassium, phosphor). Eurosport nutrition aims to have enough minerals in the isotonic drink to replenish all minerals that are normally lost during exercise through perspiration. The high levels of minerals ensure maximum absorption of moisture and energy by the body and optimal muscle performance. The flavour is a tiny bit saltier than many other isotone sports drinks, but not too much. Typical is the PH of 3,5-4,0 which means it is perfectly in balance. The taste is great and the supply of new carbohydrates is faster.

- Flavour: Lemon
- Content: 600 gram
- Contains about 30 gram carbohydrates per serving
- Vegan
- Scope of delivery: 6psc.

dextrose 45%, fructose 31%, maltodextrine 16%, electrolyte blend (calcium lactate, monopotassium phosphate, magnesium citrate, tri sodium citrate, sodium chloride), lemon fruit powder 3%, acidity regulator: citric acid, aroma, coloring agent: beta carotene


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