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We focus on our company.

For five decades, we, as a traditional Tyrolean company, have packed our products with our passion for mountaineering. Today, just like before, we rely on the best materials, excellent craftmanshipand extraordinary design. Standing idle is not an option for us, so we employed experts, who have become friends over time, and have worked with them to further develop our models of gloves or to come up with new ones. Resulting in products that offer sportsenthusiasts the best possible protection and support and that constantly accompany them on their adventures.

With our high-quality products, strong partnerships and never-ending appreciation for mountaineering, we are well-positioned for anything that is waiting for us in the coming years – and we are looking forward to tackling it!

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Karina Helfrich
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Sales Manager
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We focus on our partners.

Our coops

New materials bring many advantages and improvements: Therefore, we will work together with strong partners in the future. ZANIER and Swarovski – both strong brands from Tyrol that are rich in tradition. As well as originating from the same area, both companies combine high requirements in terms of quality and design. Sympatex® - a wind- and water-tight, as well as breathable membrane that can be completely recycled. The Thindown Flex stretchable downfabric is extremely warm, soft and thin. It insulates perfectly, doesn’t give and provides optimal grip.

GORE-TEXSwarovskiÖsterreichische BergrettungTirolwoolPrimaloftPolartecSympatexThindown FlexPolycolonSkimittelschule NeustiftSnowsport TirolBritish Ski + SnowboardBergführer KalsBerg- und Skiführer Heiligenblut
Ride with Passion

We focus on our heritage.

Our history

What began in 1969 as a project by the couple Werner and Gabi Zanier is now a global company. The love for mountaineering and the demand for high-quality equipment were the basis for developing the glove production. Since its launch 50 years ago, ZANIER has successfully developed models for every purpose, every requirement and every age. ZANIER proudly looks back on what has already been achieved. But that's not all: the company is realigning itself. 


A new appearance is part of the realignment, a logo that reflects the values and origin and convinces with its design. The mountain is a central and all-encompassing element for ZANIER – a company that was born in the mountains, is at home in the mountains and is inspired by the mountains. This topic runs consistently through the company's corporate design, from the products to the communication. New focus on what is important: the customers and products.

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