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    Hands suddenly start to tingle, the fingers get cold and turn white. These or similar symptoms are usually associated with a circulatory disorder. Freeriding professional Anne Wangler also battles with this. That's why the athlete relies on ZANIER's many years of experience and innovative heating technology. Since the introduction of HEAT Technology in 1999, the traditional company has been working on the continuous development of heatable glove models. The current collection is characterised, among other things, by collaboration with strong partners, such as the sustainable company Sympatex® or the performance brand GORE-TEX. All models also have gadgets such as a touch function. With a series of further developed and new HEAT models, the Tyrolean glove expert enables athletes to be active without any problems even in extreme conditions.

    Whether it's for active winter sports on and off the slopes or even at lofty heights, the models in the current HEAT collection from ZANIER don't give cold hands and aching fingers a chance. The heating technology in the gloves is based on highly developed textile heating elements and unique control electronics, which are continuously tested and further developed. Thanks to the proven 3-stage heating technology, the HEAT models guarantee extremely easy handling: on the back of the hand cuff, the LED light in the shape of a flame on the battery, which shines through the upper material, indicates the heating level by the colours yellow, orange and red. This can be adjusted by a switch directly on the battery depending on the outside temperature and how cold it feels and lasts for several hours. The battery, which is available in white for the first time, can be recharged in no time at all using the supplied USB charger. The new touch function, which can be found in all heatable models, also promises the simple operation of smartphones, even with the gloves on.

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