Gabriel Wibmer, like his two cousins Johannes and Fabio Wibmer, lives out his passion for cycling. He started his motorsport career at the age of five with motocross in Oberpeischlach, switched to trial bikes at the age of seven and discovered his passion for downhill mountain biking in Leogang at the age of twelve.

He has been achieving impressive podium finishes in races since 2016 and, like his older cousin Fabio Wibmer, Gabriel is also active for the Canyon bike brand and is looked after by the Munich agency Rasoulution, just like his younger cousin Johannes. He has already made a name for himself in the trial freeride scene, and his YouTube videos reach an audience of millions. The video "Late for School" has an impressive 14 million views, while "Late for School 2" already has over 8.1 million viewers. Gabriel produces some of his videos in international locations such as Los Angeles or Valencia, relying not only on his riding skills but also on creative film production.

About his Gabriel Wibmer Signature glove, which is our Style Shredder with his personal design, the talented biker says: "With these gloves you are optimally equipped for any sport where you hold a handlebar in your hand. I use the gloves for downhill and trial biking as well as for motocross."

Gabriel Wibmer Signature Glove. Foto: Hannes Berger

Gabriel Wibmer's ChoiceSHREDDER

Anyone for whom no trail is too steep, no bend too tight and no drop too high will love the SHREDDER. In cooperation with the young biking star Gabriel Wibmer, the glove is tailored to real shredders: The palm is made from perforated Amara with an elastic cuff so you can slip it on easily. The silicone print on the palm provides an ideal grip. Thanks to the integrated touch function, you won’t miss out on the latest Instagram post even when out and about.

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