The Großglockner, Austria's highest mountain, is not only one of the most famous landmarks of the Alpine Republic, but also one of the most popular peaks for international mountain sports enthusiasts. A challenge that is best mastered with experienced mountain guides. The Glockner can be climbed from two sides and from two provinces, so there is a mountain guide association with expertise for this adventure on both the Tyrolean and Carinthian sides. Since 2020, the mountain guides Kals (East Tyrol) and the mountain guides Heiligenblut (Carinthia) are equipped with gloves by Zanier, and contribute their alpine experience to the product development of our mountain sports gloves.

The mountain guide associations Kals and Heiligenblut are among the longest existing mountain guide associations in the Alps. In Kals, the era began in 1867 with the Prague merchant Johann Stüdl, who built the “Stüdlhütte” and opened up the “Stüdlgrat”. He also founded the first mountain guide association in the Eastern Alps in Kals in 1869. Stüdl was therefore also called the "Glocknerherr". Kals became a centre of eastern alpinism and is still an important starting point for mountain tours to the Glockner, Schober and Granatspitz groups.


Thanks to TIROLWOOL® insulation, the GLOCKNER.TW is a warm companion in icy cold, which was developed in collaboration with the Mountain Rescue Tirol. The mittens are used by the Mountain Rescue Austria in adverse temperatures and long missions. The lining of cozy MERINO is comfortable, the incorporated INSIDE FINGER system supports the warmth performance. Comfort and stability thanks to goatskin and 4-way-stretch FLEX. HOOK loop for easy stowage on backpack and carabiner. REFLECTIVE PRINT as eye-catcher and for protection in the dark.

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