One of the most common questions for glove tips to us comes from women: "Which gloves will keep me warm throughout the day when doing winter sports?" It has even been scientifically proven that women are much more likely to freeze. That's why, as a glove specialist, we focus on warm gloves in the women's collection during development: "We are always working on innovations in materials and technologies. This is how we cover all our customers' needs," says Managing Director Markus Zanier. So here are our insights on cold fingers and our tips for warm hands, a winter sports day long.

Why cold hands are more common among women than men.

Every woman knows: extremities such as hands, feet and the tip of the nose are the first to cool down when we are cold. The body protects those areas that the organism needs most urgently - and these are the organs in the center of the body and our brain. Arms and legs are therefore supplied with less blood when the body switches to emergency supply. The blood vessels contract, and the temperature in the extremities drops. Speaking of emergency supply in the cold, female bodies switch to emergency supply more quickly because they have less muscle mass than men. That's why women's fingers are more likely to get painfully cold. Zanier has developed numerous solutions to help women who are extremely sensitive to cold get through the winter.

Why cold hands are more common among women than men.

Everyone has her - that one friend who really is always cold! She stands at the ski lift or at the punch stand, kneading her hands incessantly and making them gyrate. This behavior is absolutely right, after all, it stimulates circulation and blood flow at low activity levels. So mittens are perfect for this one friend! There's plenty of room in mittens to move your fingers around and rub them together, as well as for that extra layer of cozy warm insulation material. That's why Zanier carries almost every glove in the women's collection as a mitten.

Frauen Handschuh Modell Vogue Mitten

Vogue Mitten

The ladies mitten VOGUE is made of stunningly soft sheepskin. The quilting and embossing on the leather in combination with the trendy, soft knitted cuff look sporty and elegant on the slopes as well as in the city. The real down in combination with THERMAL WOOL insulation provide warm hands and a cozy feel.

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The warmest materials for sensitive women's hands often come fromnature.

Whether mittens or finger gloves, the right materials are crucial for the warmth performance of gloves. Down, merino wool, silk and sheep's wool provide reliable warmth and comfort. Markus Zanier: "Natural Tirolwool® is not only sustainable, but also temperature-regulating. It is used in Zanier's unisex mountain sports line. The models guarantee stability and warmth in any alpine situation.

Zanier Handschuh Modell

Known as a favorite for years, WILDSPITZE.TW not only convinces members of the Austrian Mountain Rescue with functionality and robustness. Cold-resistant thanks to TIROLWOOL® insulation, the MERINO lining keeps hands warm and dry even in particularly sweaty situations. Comfort and stability thanks to goatskin and 4-way-stretch FLEX. HOOK loop for easy stowage on the backpack. REFLECTIVE PRINT as an eye-catcher and for protection in the dark.

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Down proves itself not only in cozy winter jackets, but also in gloves! Down lining insulates the air in the numerous cavities that are located between the down. Air chambers thus ensure that heat cannot escape from the body.

Zanier Damenhandschuh Cloud.stx Mitten

Cloud.stx Mitten

With the CLOUD.STX models as a mitten or finger glove, we have achieved the perfect balance of warm insulation and a slim ladies' cut. Waterproof through SYMPATEX®, insulated with real, certified DAUNE, which is fixed in chambers. Elegant, reduced quilt/print combination on the backhand, the palm and the logo patch are made of fine goatskin.

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Small, natural stoves for delicate women's hands: ZanierHead-Pads.

In addition to warm insulation and other functional materials, heat pads in Zanier gloves warm, and they do so completely naturally: the heating pads are integrated into an extra pocket on the backhand of gloves or mittens. Activated by shaking, the heating pads provide up to eight hours of cozy warmth - enough for a day of skiing!

Zanier Handschuh Modell Serfaus mit Head Pads Tasche


The SERFAUS.STX is a sporty, elegant women's model with Heat Pads pockets on the back of the hand. The ecological Sympatex® membrane keeps hands dry, the loft insulation replicates down properties and is especially warm. Casual design variations match any winter sports outfit!

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Women who are sensitive to cold benefit from the onionprinciple.

By the way, the time-tested onion principle also applies to gloves. For women, layering with thin silk or merino gloves under the winter sports glove is ideal. If women need more tactility than they have with their winter sports gloves or mittens, the underlayer will protect them from getting cold: Wiping toddlers' noses, helping them into their ski bindings or putting on their ski touring skins is thus no problem. In addition, Zanier liners are touchscreen compatible and make it possible to shoot photos, make phone calls or change the playlist quite comfortably even at low temperatures.

Zanier Modell Ride.gtx Mitten mit separatem Layer

Ride.gtx mitten

RIDE.GTX MITTEN has in total all possible features that Zanier recommends for warm hands: the waterproof, windproof and breathable Gore-Tex plus Warm technology with warm loft insulation keeps the mitten warm even when it is wet. In addition to the separate inner glove, heat pads warm in extreme temperatures. With a leash the gloves dangle conveniently on the wrist and do not get lost, if the inner glove is worn solo.

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Incase of Raynaud's syndrome indispensable - electrically heated gloves fromZanier.

Raynaud's syndrome is also statistically proven to affect women more often than men. About 10% of the population suffers from Raynaud's syndrome, also known as white finger disease. Particularly in winter, Raynaud's affects the quality of life, as patients are supposed to avoid cold weather. The symptoms are not dangerous, but annoying and painful. Raynaud's causes vasospasm, which is triggered by cold or even stress. As the arteries contract, there is not only pain, but also white discolored fingertips. The Zanier heated gloves help many Raynaud's patients to avoid numb hands, circulatory problems or pain in the first place.

In 1999, Zanier developed the world's first electrically heated gloves. Since then, the heating technology (Heat-Technology) has been continuously developed, the performance of the First Mover remains unmatched. Currently, Zanier offers four Heat models. The gloves warm up to 10 h on three levels. Freerider and Raynaud patient Anne talks to us on our blog about her experience with Zanier's heated gloves at Raynaud.


Women often choose the HOT.STX mitten version of our heated gloves, just like Anne. The ecological Sympatex® membrane makes the model waterproof, the warm Thinsulate® insulation is light and robust. Upper material 4-way stretch stands for comfort, the palm is made of noble, durable goatskin. With touch function for operating the smartphone and LEASH for the wrist.

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We hope to support our customers with our tips and products for unforgettable outdoor experiences. If you have any questions, we are happy to help:

Photocredits: Product pictures Martin Lugger | Image pictures: Moritz Ablinger

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