Sun on your face, firn under your skis: a dream! We love ski touring in spring! While some people are already stowing away their skis for this year, for many ski tourers the high season begins in spring! However, ski tours in spring have their pitfalls, which are rarely encountered in high winter. How to behave properly on your spring ski tour and what to look out for? We'll tell you:

The early bird catches the firn.

The prerequisite for perfect firn is a clear and thus cold night, so that the snow is also frozen. Then it's a matter of catching the ideal moment for the descent: When the sun softens the hard surface, but the snow is still stable - damn cool ;-) But if you miss the perfect firn, the snow is not only not very enjoyable for skiing, the risk of injury also increases considerably.

Due to intense sunlight, rain and above all the strongly changing temperatures during the day, the snow in spring changes from hard and frozen to sulphur in only a short time. This significantly increases the danger of snow slabs and wet snow avalanches. So: In spring it's best to start early and return early - sorry, late risers - but those who start too late live dangerously

Eyes shut and go for it? Better not!

Did you start too late? Was the night not clear enough or warmer that expected? Do you feel physically unwell? Then you should return in time! If the conditions are not right, you should abort the tour as long as a safe return to the starting point is still possible. Because the most important thing on any ski tour is safety!

Knowledge & adequate equipment are basic requirements.

Knowledge of weather, snow and route conditions is the top priority. Even if it is already blooming in the valley, deep winter conditions can still prevail in the high mountains: stormy weather and low temperatures, poor visibility and increased avalanche danger due to new and/or drifting snow problems become major sources of danger here. When ski touring in spring, we therefore adhere to the tip of Thomas Zimmermann, local branch manager of the Lienz Mountain Rescue, to be sure to check the weather and avalanche warning service beforehand. ZAMG and are ideal for this. If you don't want to miss out on challenging tours but don't have the necessary experience, it's best to get the support of an experienced mountain guide.

Adapt your equipment to the current weather conditions and the tour. In addition to wet snow, hard frozen firn can also be a problem. Especially when ascending in the morning hours, the surface is icy and particularly hard. For more difficult, hard-frozen areas, crampons and ice axes are must-haves on many tours in spring, in addition to the normal emergency equipment. Always wear ski touring gloves on the ascent, no matter how warm it is, to avoid serious abrasions from the frozen firn in the event of a fall. Our tip: thin, breathable layers. These offer the necessary protection without making you sweat. More tips for buying ski touring gloves can be found here.


The thinnest glove in our Rock & Ice Line with plenty of tactility: the Mymountainpassion Glove, is ideal for ski touring. A full leather glove with neoprene cuff, practical HOOK loop for easy attachment to a backpack or carabiner.

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70° North.gtx is for extreme heights & temperatures, insulated but still tactile thanks to the specifically pre-shaped cut. The extra-long and wide cuff allows you to slip in quickly and easily at the summit. Practical feature: LEASH loop for easy stowage on the wrist, HOOK loop for attaching to a backpack or carabiner.

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Ride.gtx Mitten is a two-in-one model and THE tip for cold-sensitive ski tourers. That women are proven to freeze more, you know from our blog 5 tips against cold hands. The ascent is made with the separate, relatively thin inner glove - touch screen compatible with TOUCH of course. The warm mitten with
combination of waterproof GORE-TEX with Gore Warm technology and warm LOFT insulation offers maximum protection against cold and wet weather, and dangles easily on the wrist during the climb or is already with heat pads in the backpack! The INSIDE FINGER lining warms additionally, HEAT PADS keep warm up to 8h. Also available as a finger glove.

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LASERZ.TW is a ski touring classic from Zanier and insulated with sustainable, regional TIROLWOOL. The favorite glove of many of our athletes, mountain rescuers and mountain guides is reinforced with leather for optimal protection and durability in sensitive areas. With warming MERINO lining, touchscreen compatible through TOUCH and practical HOOK loop for easy storage on the backpack. REFLECTIVE PRINT for protection in the dark.

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Photocredits: Berg im Bild | Florentin Haunold | Stefan Filzmoser | Martin Lugger

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