As glove professionals, we are most frequently asked which gloves we recommend for cold hands in winter. Of course, we have the right solution for every type of winter sports enthusiast. This large group of "frostbite sufferers" is contrasted by a small group of winter sports enthusiasts who only need one thing: Lightweight gloves with little insulation and more grip. The reason for warm, slightly sweaty hands is usually extremely good blood circulation, a very high activity level and/or no "standing time" during winter sports. Our glove tips for athletes with a high activity level or particularly warm hands:

The right gloves for all weather conditions.

There can be several reasons for sweaty hands in gloves. The simplest: the gloves are simply too insulated for the outside temperature. This can happen during spring skiing when you put on your highly insulated gloves or mittens. This problem is quickly solved with a lightly insulated glove that won't make you sweat. Lightweight all-season gloves should be in every backpack, even in summer. Temperatures can cool down quickly in the mountains. Extremities such as the hands, feet or nose are the first to freeze. Warm, ready-to-use hands for climbing, ropes or poles are crucial for safety.

Activity level determines thermal insulation in gloves.

When doing winter sports, it is important to keep your hands dry and warm from the outset to prevent them from cooling down. Sweating on the hands is followed by unpleasant cooling. Wet gloves impair your well-being and should be avoided at all costs. This is particularly important for high activity levels such as ski touring, intensive winter hiking or cross-country skiing. For this reason, gloves with low insulation developed specifically for intensive activity should be used.

The Zanier Core Line gloves are insulated with different levels of sustainable Primaloft.Bio synthetic down. The model name and intensity of the thermal insulation are based on the northern latitudes. Glove 80° NORTH is the most intensively insulated, i.e. suitable for extreme applications and temperatures. 70°NORTH.gtx as a glove or mitten is also ideal for extreme cold. Model 50°NORTH.gtx is a medium-insulated all-rounder - the ideal year-round companion for ski tours and mountain sports. With the lightweight 20°NORTH, you are perfectly equipped for cross-country skiing, ski tours or in summer.

Breathable materials are crucial for winter sportsgloves.

Breathability is one of the most important quality features of sports gloves. This air permeability ensures that moisture and perspiration are quickly transported to the outside. The lining material, the membrane and the outer material must "work together" to support this moisture transport away from the hand to the outside - this is called moisture management. This keeps hands pleasantly dry and prevents them from cooling down in the first place. ZANIER relies on high-quality ingredient brands and natural materials to ensure this breathability.

Membranes make gloves reliably waterproof. Only high-quality membrane manufacturers can also guarantee breathability. Sympatex is waterproof, breathable and windproof. The Sympatex membrane absorbs water vapor and transports it to the outside. This keeps your hands warm and dry even in extreme situations. The membrane is also 100% recyclable and offsets emissions as a Climate Partner certified company. Gloves with a GORE-TEX membrane offer long-lasting weather protection and comfort, balanced heat transfer and optimum moisture management. The new epE membrane also has an improved ecological footprint with consistently high performance.

Down in ZANIER down gloves is not only certified, it also has optimum thermal performance, comfort and breathability. Sheep's wool such as TIROLWOOL® is not only a sustainable insulation material, but also regulates moisture and temperature. We use sheep's wool from the Alpine region particularly frequently in our mountain sports models. Our glove tips against sweaty hands:

LASERZ.TW is such a multifunctional, high-class mountain sports model with TIROLWOOL®. 4-way stretch goatskin and neoprene guarantee stability and comfort in every situation. Thanks to product development with the Tyrol Mountain Rescue Service, leather reinforcements have been added to sensitive areas of the palm to ensure durability and protection on the rope. Great features such as a warming merino lining, touchscreen compatibility, a practical loop for easy stowage on your backpack and a reflective print for protection in the dark.

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Our freeride model REVOLUTION.XSX offers an ideal combination of Sympatex membrane with Primaloft insulation with goatskin and 4-way stretch as outer materials. The glove is lightly insulated, extremely breathable and waterproof for strenuous powder runs all day long.

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