In the past few years, e-biking has clearly become a trend sport. However, the riding technique on an e-bike differs in some aspects from that of a lighter, conventional bike due to the built-in motor. We have tips for you on how to maintain the necessary safety while riding uphill and downhill and at the same time enjoy the maximum riding fun!

Materialcheck first!

Before you start your tour, you should make sure that your e-bike is working properly: Is the battery fully charged? Are your tires in good condition and do they have the right pressure? Is the saddle height optimally adjusted? As a rule of thumb, the heel should touch the pedal when the knee is outstretched. Everything checked? Well then, let's go!

1. The correct driving mode.

In addition to the right gear selection, the choice of riding mode also plays an important role on an e-bike. The motor supports the muscle power with different strengths. In addition, steady pedaling and forward-looking driving help to save power and extend driving pleasure. Special care must be taken on gravel roads: an excessively high driving mode may cause the engine-assisted rear wheel to spin.

2. Up the mountain.

When riding uphill, be sure to remain seated, as the motor does not provide continuous support in a standing position. Alternatively, you can let your buttocks slide forward to the front edge of the saddle. Our tip for particularly steep stretches: Put the weight on the front wheel to prevent it from spinning.

Tip for starting on a steep incline: The e-bike should be positioned at an angle of about 45° to the incline. Brakes remain applied. The foot on the uphill side should be firmly on the ground, while the foot on the downhill side is on the pedal. Then select the lightest possible gear in turbo mode to get started. Now put your uphill foot on the pedal as well - this requires balance for a moment. Then release the brakes, pedal, and voilà!

3. How to brake correctly on the e-bike.

Control is everything! The built-in motor can accelerate you properly, so when going downhill, make sure you drive with foresight and brake in time. For proper braking, apply both front and rear brakes at the same time, in a balanced manner (never just the front brake alone), to avoid overheating. Otherwise, the brake pads and discs may be severely worn. On very steep routes, take regular breaks so that the brake discs can cool down in between!

4. Correct cornering with the e-bike.

Do not go into the curve at too high a speed! Due to the higher weight, which leads to a pushing effect, this is particularly important for e-bikes. Instead, the brakes should be slowed down before the curve and only slightly accelerated in the curve itself. Always keep the centre of gravity centrally above the bicycle, even if a shoulder movement takes place downwards. Aim your gaze out of the curve as you drive in. This supports the rotation of your upper body, which helps you to master the curve well and safely.

5. The right equipment.

Just like helmet and goggles, the right MTB gloves are indispensable equipment on the bike. In addition to comfort, gloves offer the necessary protection when mountain biking. "The very worst thing that can happen to you while biking is, of course, if you slip off the handlebars - and that happens pretty quickly without gloves! Gloves with appropriate grip are therefore particularly important!", says Andi, bike & motocross guide Andi from AREA 47. Grip, Taktilität & Isolation – Bike-Handschuhe müssen also so einiges leisten. Grip, tactility & insulation - bike gloves have to provide a lot. Our experts Paul, David & Emanuel from the KTM Cycling Team as well as Renè Unterwurzacher from Bikepark Lienz & Street Trial Rookie Gabriel Wibmer give you tips for buying bike gloves.


Whether up-hill or down-hill - the MTB PRO is a reliable and functional companion for long, steep and rooty tours by bike. With 4-way stretch and Amara and silicone printing in the palm, not only a good fit but also sufficiently good feel is guaranteed. The closure at the wrist facilitates the tightening and ensures an improved passfrom.

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CYCLING TEAM GLOVE: für Rennrad-Fahrer


Our feedback and expertise from practice allows us to meet high
standards in our own products. High quality, the best fit and elaborate details impress even the Tyrol KTM Cycling Team. Since 2017, ZANIER has supplied the cycling talents with a jointly developed glove: the Cycling Team Glove. The 4-way-stretch material of the glove provides comfort and guarantees a pleasant feel.

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MODEL SHREDDER: Mountainbike Handschuhe für Shredder


Anyone for whom no trail is too steep, no bend too tight and no drop too high will love the SHREDDER. In cooperation with the young biking star Gabriel Wibmer, the glove is tailored to real shredders: The palm is made from perforated Amara with an elastic cuff so you can slip it on easily. The silicone print on the palm provides an ideal grip. Thanks to the integrated touch function, you won’t miss out on the latest Instagram post even when out and about. The 20CR variant is part of the official Crankworx Innsbruck 2020 merchandise and comes with casual Crankworx design and Crankworx Innsbruck logo. Like all ZANIER products, the bike glove is produced 100% climate neutral.

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Save the date: „E-Bike-WM für Jedermann“.

Adrenaline, entertainment and above all a lot of fun: From 31st of August to 2nd of September the E-Bike World Championship for everyone will take place this year in Ischgl for the 5th time. Whether cyclists, professionals or casual cyclists, the open E-Bike World Championship is an event for EVERYONE. Literally. Because even for participants who do not own an e-bike, there are some available for rent directly on site.

In addition, guests and attendees will have the opportunity to learn about new developments and current trends in the field of e-bikes and to test them. The atmosphere will be livened up by varied musical entertainment, show interludes, challenges and competitions, and a wide selection of delicious regional cuisine will leave nothing to be desired. We are pleased to be able to accompany the event again this year!

Good to know: The number of participants is limited, so it is best to secure your starting position right away!

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