Sun in your face, firn under your skis: A dream! We love ski touring in spring! While some are already stowing away their skis for this year, for many ski tourers spring is just the beginning of the high season! The #zanierfamily - riders, friends and the Zanier team - have compiled the best spring ski touring tips for you in a blog! A big thank you to everyone who told us about their favorite tour – this one‘s on you ;-).

Ski tour with a view: High Prijakt (3,064 m) & Alkuser Rotspitze (3,053 m)

Markus & Christof from East Tyrol send us straight to the "Hoher Prijakt" and the "Alkuser Rotspitze" in the lower "Iseltal" in East Tyrol. The starting point is in Ainet/Oberalkus (barrier and chapel, respectively) at 1,280m. The ascent takes place via the forest road to the northeast to the "Raggeralm", then on to the Kunigalm. Along the "Sommersteig" you reach the "Pitschedboden", where you continue northwest along the hollow to the foot of the southeastern slope of the "Barenegg", further over it to the "Barreneggscharte". With 35° to 40° the southeast slope is very steep - so: crampons are definitely an advantage! Last mile over the eastern slope to the summit of the "Hoher Prijakt" at 3,064 m! With a distance of 10 km and 1,800 hm, the first ascent takes about 4.5 - 5 hours. The first descent is the same as the ascent, via the east slope back to the "Barreneggscharte". Then it goes over the southern slope as far as possible towards the east (up to approx. 2,700 m).

In the northeast you can already see the "Alkuser Rotspitze". Via the southwest slope, below the "Alkuser Rotspitze", head east towards "Kleine Rotspitze" - attention: avalanche danger! Over the southeast slope, which becomes steeper and steeper, you continue towards the summit. Over the last meters you go without skis over rocks to the "Alkuser Rotspitze". The second ascent covers another distance of 5 km and 350 hm in about 1.5 hours.

The descent also takes place over the southeast slope back to the "Kleine Rotspitze". The route to "Pitschedboden" is freely chosen, then it’s like the ascent back to the starting point.

In this area you are mostly alone and undisturbed. Due to the length, altitude meters and steep slopes, this is a demanding ski mountaineering tour for advanced skiers. However, the spectacular 360° view at the summit of the "Glockner", "Glödis", "Hochstein", the "Schleinitz", "Lienzer Dolomiten" and the town of Lienz definitely compensates for the strenuous climb!

Great firn tour with plenty of adrenaline: The Regenstein in the Winkeltal (2,891 m)

Markus and Christof have a second tip for us: The Regenstein in the Winkeltal. In approx. 3.5 - 4 hours, you can climb approx. 1,350 hm on a distance of 7 km on this tour.

The tour starts in "Außervillgraten/Winkeltal" at the barrier after the "Reiterstube" at 1,600m. The ascent takes place via a forest road northwards to the Geireggalm, then eastward to the Oberarnalm. Then follow the "Sommersteig" along to the "Mitterberg", which is then crossed westwards. Over the southern slope, which is very steep with 40°, we head towards the summit. Crampons are definitely an advantage here. The last meters to the summit are done without skis.  

Up to the last steep slope the difficulties remain within limits, after that it becomes demanding. The descent is the same as the ascent back to the starting point. Especially the crispy final slope provides a lot of adrenaline on this tour!

Soak up the sun on the Patscherkofel!

For our CEO Markus Zanier, his local mountain in Innsbruck is definitely the place to be in spring! Ideal for soaking up the sun, but Markus is usually on the road after the office in the evening. The slopes remain open on Thursdays until 22.00 for tourers! No less than 3 different routes make the Patscherkofel an absolute touring paradise: 

1st training lap: From the bottom station via the slope to the top station (956 hm)

2nd Vitalweg: From the middle station via the Patscher Alm and the Hochmadalm to the top station (250 hm).

3. Gipfelstürmer: from the mountain station to the summit (280 hm)

Pleasure ski tour on the Largoz (2.214 m)

Another tip from Markus Zanier: "A tour that I like very much is the Largoz. Not a high mountain, but still ideal touring conditions after the snow this spring! An easy, delightful tour. I like the Largoz also in the summer with my family, and therefore many beautiful moments come to my mind during the ascent. You cross small streams several times, are from the beginning in a beautiful forest, the last third above the tree line is particularly harmonious. During the whole tour you always have a wonderful view over the "Glungezer" - at the summit then all around!“

The tour to the Largoz starts above the "Krepperhütte" at approx. 1,400 m. The ascent takes place either on the toboggan trail on the right, the descent on the left or on the middle trail, which meanders directly through the forest: here you will surely find the greatest natural experience. From the idyllic mountain village, keep to the right. The trail leads south-east through hollows and over short steep steps to the summit.

Ski tour with a view of the Großglockner: Figerhorn (2,743 m)

Our Sales Manager Gottfried Tönig takes us on his tour to the Figerhorn, which begins shortly before the bridge over the "Ködnitzbach" at 1,825 m via a forest road. At 1,935 m, after coming out of the forest, you leave it and continue towards the N and then NNW over the so-called "Greiwiesen" to the summit flank of the "Figerhorn". Below it you continue straight on to the southwest flank at 2,560 m, then over the southwest ridge and later over the wide ridge to the "Figerhorn". The last meters to the summit cross are a little more relaxed and reward with an impressive view of the highest mountain in Austria.

The 40° steep southern flank should only be climbed in favorable conditions - otherwise the descent is the same as the ascent.

Ski touring in spring also has its pitfalls, which are rarely encountered in high winter. Above all, the strongly changing temperatures during the day have an influence on the avalanche situation and the quality of the track. So: In spring it's best to start early and return early - if you start too late, you live dangerously! 

For the perfect firn it needs the ideal time to ski: When the sun softens the hard surface, but it is still load-bearing - damn casual ;-). Otherwise, you may have to fight your way through the so-called "Hax'nbrecher snow" - which is not only not very enjoyable, but can also be dangerous. When ski touring in the spring, we therefore follow the advice of Thomas Zimmermann, head of the Lienz Mountain Rescue, to always check the weather and avalanche warning service beforehand - ZAMG and are ideal for this.

When ascending, always wear ski touring gloves, no matter how warm it is, in order to avoid rough abrasions from the frozen firn in the event of a fall. Ski touring gloves have to perform a lot, so there is also a lot to consider when buying gloves.

As you can see, winter is not over yet. So: Get your daily dose of #mymountainpassion!

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