Sustainability and CO2 neutrality form the basis of our company. For this reason, to counteract the phenomenon of our disposable society is one of our major concerns. Here we will tell you how to clean your gloves properly in order to guarantee them a long life.

Zanier gloves are long-lasting!

In addition to the purchase of durable and in design timeless, recycled and/or recyclable gloves, appropriate care and cleaning have an influence on the lifetime of a product. This is benefiting not only the environment but also your wallet.

Do wash them - but avoid machine wash

Washing in the washing machine shortens the life of the glove. Waterproof gloves have glued membranes. The washing powder slowly washes away this adhesive, which can cause the entire lining of the glove to be pulled out. Gloves should therefore always be cleaned by hand.

Different materials require different care.

Did you know that gloves consist of 100 – 150 different parts? For cleaning textile gloves we recommend hand washing with mild detergent and pure water. Then wrap the glove in a towel and dab it dry, tight if needed, but no wringing!

Leather gloves should only be cleaned with a leather care product, as the leather becomes stiff and brittle when cleaned with water. For combined leather and textile gloves, clean the leather areas with a special care product, the textile areas with a damp brush/cloth and mild detergent. ZANIER gloves should be wiped with a warm, damp cloth with textile cleaner. To avoid staining, wet gloves should not be brought into contact with other clothing.

Dry gloves properly - that's just as important!

Skiing is a sport with a high level of activity. Gloves can therefore become damp on the outside as well as inside due to heavy perspiration. Gloves that have become wet should be dried with moderate heat, which means that the gloves should never be placed on a stove or heater. This is a common mistake, which can damage the materials and negatively affect the performance of the materials. It is therefore better to place the glove in a dry, heated room (underfloor heating) and hang or place it with the opening facing upwards. The same applies to drying the gloves after cleaning.

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We want to produce gloves that last long and do not need to be replaced due to their quality, design and functionality. With our tips you can now protect your wallet and our environment, so that we can enjoy many more nature-loving moments together ;-).

As the first glove brand worldwide, ZANIER is climate neutral since 2019. This is possible by the cooperation with CLIMATE PARTNER, the leading provider of climate protection solutions for companies. Together we worked out solutions to achieve the climate neutrality of ZANIER products and the company itself. The CO2 emissions in the value creation chain are calculated and offset by supporting internationally recognised climate protection projects. In line with this philosophy, sustainable and natural materials such as TIROLWOOL®, PRIMALOFT® GOLD INSULATION DOWN BLEND and PRIMALOFT® SILVER INSULATION BIO, SYMPATEX® as ecological, fully recyclable membrane as well as loden and new wool from Austria are accelerated.

Together with bleed clothing, we developed a multifunctional outdoor glove for the collection 20/21, which is 100% recycled and 100% vegan. As reinforcement on the palm, we use cork for the first time – as a substitute for leather or artificial leather.

A challenging topic for us as the Austrian glove specialist – regional & natural materials. TIROLWOOL® is processed sustainably and originates from our alpine region. We use this pristine insulation in our mountaineering gloves, just as Real Austrian loden obtains all features for sophisticated outdoor accessories, and has history in Austrian clothing manufacturing. The multipurpose style Hallstatt makes fine impression at ski mountaineering as well as at the cabin.


was developed in cooperation with the Mountain Rescue Tyrol. With its leather reinforcements and smart features, the style is suitable for all kinds of mountain sports and ski tours. Eva Walkner even makes coffee with it in the morning during Hike & Ride, so the tactility of the glove is optimal. Photo: Florian Albert

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is the companion for easy mountain hikes and spring ski tours, and
always an eye-catcher when you stop off at the hut. Thanks to the touch function, the smartphone can also be operated with gloves. Photo: Martin Lugger for Zanier

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Photocredits: Florian Albert | bleed clothing | Martin Lugger

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