Since 1989, Gore-Tex has made the "Guaranteed to keep you dry" performance promise, which can only be met by rigorous quality assurance measures. These measures to qualify Gore-Tex products build on 40 years of research & development. Following this motto, Gore-Tex has developed and launched its new ePE material that enhances sustainability and maintains performance standards. Aviation sportsman Daniel Kofler visited the Gore laboratory in Feldkirchen for us and spoke with glove product specialist Florian Stark about ongoing quality tests and sustainability.

Decades of development for durability & quality promise.

Daniel is a speedflying and speedriding pioneer, two spectacular paragliding disciplines. With the smallest distance to the ground, Daniel races down the mountain slopes with his speed glider, in winter with skis. He is also part of the development team of the Zanier aviation sports collection, Swing Paragliders and clothing brands. For that reason alone, he is familiar with materials and technologies. How Gore-Tex can make its warranty on products made by so many different manufacturer brands was a mystery even to him until recently. Not anymore. At our HQ in Innsbruck, Daniel tells us about his visit to the Gore Lab.

The history of this Guarantee Promise has actually been linked to sustainability for 40 years. "Ultimately, we believe that performance and sustainability are not mutually exclusive, and that protecting people also means protecting the planet," Silke Kemmerling, Sustainability Team Leader for the Fabrics Division, is quoted in a press release. Bob Gore made no compromises in the development of the Gore-Tex membrane back in the 1970s. He was aware from the start that the longevity of products meant sustainability. In order to maintain a high level of quality as an "ingredient brand", i.e. supplier to the clothing & sporting goods industry, he had to take certain things into his own hands: He worked on materials and processing techniques for better workmanship by manufacturers. In 1979, Gore scientists developed the world's first SEAM TAPE made of ePTFE with an associated applicator. It is used by manufacturers to seal the seams of Gore-Tex garments. In the 1980s, Gore specialists worked with experts and research institutions to develop the "Guide to the Design and Construction of Weatherproof Garments". This resulted in the first tests that manufacturers' prototypes had to go through before mass production at Gore. So-called design standards were also developed, but these limited the design and styling of the products. That is why the design standards in 1989 finally became the “Guaranteed to keep you dry” promise.

Ongoing quality controls to keep a promise.

Gore products of all brands are still subjected to quality certification before and during series production. The Gore-Tex laboratory in Feldkirchen is Florian Stark's playground. The industrial engineer and MBA is a so-called Gore-Tex product specialist for gloves, similar to a product manager. These product specialists are deeply rooted in the history of the Gore Group. They assume overall responsibility for a product group over its entire life cycle. The laboratory in Feldkirchen is now purely a product development laboratory. This is why it differs from laboratories that Gore operates at locations directly in the production centers in Asia. This is where the so-called "style qualifications" take place - i.e. the tests for the approval of products prior to series production. Manufacturers also undertake to test at least 10% of the products of production on an ongoing basis. Some brands consistently test up to 100% of their goods.

In the Gore-Tex laboratory in Feldkirchen, Florian Stark shows Daniel Kofler these test procedures for gloves. Daniel brought his Aviator.gtx, the heated aviation glove with Gore-Tex that he co-developed.

Florian proved in the lining retention test that the individual layers of Daniel's Aviator.gtx are firmly bonded to each other, so that when the glove is taken off, the entire inner lining is not pulled out with it. In addition, an optimal connection between lining and outer materials ensures tactility - i.e. dexterity - a crucial feature especially for aviation gloves!

The spray water test measures how water-repellent an outer material is. The fewer water particles stick to the material, the better. Moisture absorbed by poorly impregnated material leads to heat loss and also makes the glove heavy.

The breathability test measures how air-permeable the entire glove is, how the individual components (layers) in the glove interact. An artificial hand filled with heated water imitates the sweating hand. The test takes place in a temperature-consolidated room. The water becomes the driving force, evaporating through all layers of the glove, including the membrane. Before and after the test, the glove is weighed. The amount of water vapor determines how breathable the glove is - so here breathability is weighed.

The leak test is particularly crucial to the GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY™ promise. The glove is pulled back onto an artificial hand and goes into a water tank. Compressed air is forced through the glove from the inside. Air bubbles in the water show when the glove is no longer waterproof.

The rain chamber is not one of the standard tests for gloves. Daniel nevertheless didn't miss the chance to try them out, and of course took his Aviator.gtx and functional clothing with him. This test was also passed.

The long service life as sustainability factor number one.

To guarantee the longevity of the gloves, the Gore-Tex products are also tested for optimal care properties. In this way, care recommendations can be defined and communicated to consumers.

The new Gore-Tex ePE with reduced carbon footprint but the same performance.

Gore has a history of environmental responsibility. The company pioneered the use of solvent-free adhesives for the apparel industry, introduced Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) in the early 1990s, and discovered the durability of outdoor products as the most influential factor in improving the environmental performance of its laminates. Since 1996, all Gore products have met the OEKO-TEX® standard, and Gore is also a founding member of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition. Since 2015, Gore has been working on Social Responsibility Guidelines for an improved eco-balance & also the working climate of its employees. The development of a new material takes these developments to a new level. The PFC free Gore-Tex membrane is bluesign® and Standard 100 by oeko-tex® certified and has an improved carbon footprint. Of course, it still delivers the legendary durably waterproof, highly breathable and windproof Gore-Tex performance with the "Guarantee to keep you dry®" promise. Before the launch of the membrane, the material was subjected to several years of field and laboratory tests to maintain the quality claim, even if the material is more sustainable. Gore-Tex works with ski schools in Austria and with Snow Patrol and Avalanche Rescue Teams to put the products under extreme conditions in practice. "Through the data collected in the field tests and in the lab, we are very confident that the new, more sustainable ePE will deliver the same performance and durability as our conventional membrane."


In cooperation with aviation athlete Daniel Kofler, the heated aviation glove was developed to meet the most adverse conditions at extreme altitudes and during longer flights. Waterproof and breathable thanks to GORE-TEX with Gore Warm technology, warm PRIMALOFT® insulation, moisture-regulating BREATH lining, LEASH - the highly functional materials are hardly noticeable. The specific design with overlong cuff and without Velcro fasteners and flaps meets the requirements of aviation sports. With TOUCH function for operating smartphone, GPS device or cockpit.

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All ZANIER products are 100% climate neutral since 2019. The manufacturer additionally marks particularly ecological models with the ZANIER Low Impact Icon. For example, the lead model ZÜRS.GTX: the PFC-free Gore-Tex membrane is bluesign® and Standard 100 by oeko-tex® certified and has an improved carbon footprint. Of course, it still delivers the legendary durably waterproof, highly breathable and windproof Gore-Tex performance with the "Guarantee to keep you dry®" promise. The Primaloft Gold Eco insulation is made from 100% recycled fibers and stands for high warmth performance, even in wet conditions. The outer fabric is made of recycled 4-way stretch material. Warmly insulated with Primaloft® Gold Insulation Eco. The leather of the palm is also PFC-free.

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Together, improving life.

As a traditional Tyrolean company, we have always relied on strong partners. The cooperation with GORE-TEX Brand as a high-performance brand has proven particularly successful. The sustainability concept & quality standards of this company are trend-setting for us as a CO2 neutral family business.

All credits photography: Flo Totschnig for Zanier Gloves.
All credits product pictures: Martin Lugger for Zanier Gloves.

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