Our home. Our playground. Experience the beautiful mountains of Austria, even without great climbing experience! Well-secured via ferrata offer families, beginners and pleasure climbers unforgettable mountain experiences. Guaranteed.

On the via ferrata you move with the help of steel ropes, steps and iron ladders. The markings A (easy) to E (extremely difficult) indicate the level of difficulty of the respective via ferrata. Climbing harness, helmet, via ferrata set, via ferrata gloves, the right footwear and, even for easy via ferrata, a solid alpine hiking ability are a MUST! But beware: via ferratas are often underestimated! So before you plunge into your vertical adventure, there are a few things to consider - for more safety on the via ferrata.

Members & friends of our #zanierfamily provide you with their insider tips for via ferrata, which they have tested and have remained unforgettable. A big thank you to everyone who told us about their favorite tour – this one‘s on you ;-):

Tyrol | Family via ferrata in the Galitzenklamm (for beginners)

Perfect for beginners, children & families: The family via ferrata in the Galitzenklamm, Leisach / East Tyrol. Due to the short climbing time of approx. 45 minutes, the small pedaling distances and a maximum difficulty level of B/C, you can experience the fascination and beauty of our mountain world up close even without much experience. For a small fee, the necessary equipment can also be rented directly on site. Arriving at the top, a wonderful view of Amlach, Leisach and the city of Lienz awaits you. And don't forget: enter your summit success in the summit book ;-).

Photocredits: azett kommunikation | TVB Osttirol, Isep CK

Carinthia | Pirknerklamm - the canyon via ferrata (for beginners)

- an impressive gorge experience for young and old! The not too difficult and with about 50 minutes climbing time relatively short climb in the Gailtal Alps / Lienz Dolomites (Carinthia) is with a difficulty level of C also interesting for non-experts and pleasure climbers.

The highlight of this route is definitely the steep passage at the first weir. There you climb up right next to the roaring floods. This passage is called "Rainbow Fall" because the spray there almost always creates a rainbow when the sun is shining. The many Postmanswalk bridges (taut holding rope & loose walking rope) over the roaring torrent provide additional thrills! The short ascent and descent via a forest path make the climb a perfect day trip.

Tyrol | Rote Säule (for beginners & advanced)

The ascent to the via ferrata of about 3 hours is relatively long, but pays off in any case! Two different variants make the via ferrata in Virgen / East Tyrol a must-see for beginners as well as experienced climbers: The relatively short via ferrata variant I (approx. 1 hour) to the Rote Säule (2,820 m) with a difficulty level of B/C is perfect for beginners and pleasure climbers. Starting with a somewhat strength-sapping ladder (B), the route continues over stepped and sloping terrain (B/C to C) to the summit ridge (B). Then continue via an exposed traverse to the summit cross, where a great view of the neighboring glacier mountains awaits you!

An alternative ascent in variant II with a 14 meter long and 3 meter overhanging ladder (D/E) as well as some difficult, pushing single passages (up to D) also challenges the experienced walkers - a head for heights, self-confidence and above all a lot of strength are basic requirements here!

The descent takes place via a cable-secured path at the beginning. Then continue along a steep gutter around the Rote Säule towards Sajathütte. This invites you to a fine stop before the way back (as well as the approach) to the Virgental. The region of the Hohe Tauern National Park in East Tyrol is breathtaking. Conclusion: A MUST!

Tyrol | Innsbruck via ferrata - a classic with panoramic views (advanced)

"Above the rooftops of Innsbruck": At an altitude of almost 2,000 m, the via ferrata in the Karwendel Mountains, which is quite long with a climbing time of 5 h, leads over two sections to the Frau Hitt saddle.

The first part of the tour leads over numerous ridges and peaks from the "Hafelekar" over the "Seegrubenspitze", the "Kaminspitze" and the "Kemacher" (2,480 meters) to the "Langer Sattel" (difficulty level C). Descent via "Kärtnersteig" to the "Seegrube" station. From there starts the second part, which becomes a bit more demanding with a difficulty level of C/D. This is mainly due to the labyrinth of rock towers, embrasures, chimneys and very steep wall passages. Here, the route leads from the "Langer Sattel" over the wide grassy ridge to the "Östliche Sattelspitze", and further over the west "Sattelspitze" to the "Frau-Hitt-Sattel". After both sections a descent is possible.

Especially scenically, this via ferrata has a lot to offer and ensures a varied ascent! The breathtaking view over the city of Innsbruck and the glaciated mountains of the "Alpenhauptkamm" compensate for every effort on the technically demanding and original climbing passages. A classic that you should definitely have done!

Tyrol | Adrenalin (for advanced)

A via ferrata that definitely lives up to its name! The 600 meter long via ferrata is located in the Galitzenklamm / East Tyrol, and with a difficulty level of C/D to E it is only for experienced climbers. The key passage is E, but can be bypassed with D. Strength, endurance and a portion of courage belong to the basic equipment on this 2.5 h long climbing tour. The view into the depths of the gorge and the constant murmur of the roaring stream make this via ferrata a lasting experience! At the end, you will have climbed an impressive 250 meters in altitude. The descent takes about 1 hour back to the park area of the Galitzenklamm, where the Jausenstation Galitzenklamm invites you to a nice stop.

Tyrol | Panorama via ferrata (for advanced)

One of the best circular tours in the Lienz Dolomites! The Panorama via ferrata is a combination of the "Sepp Oberlechner" Memorial Trail with the "Ari-Schübel-Steig" or "Gebirgsjägersteig" - all around the idyllic "Laserzsee" with a common point in the "Große Sandspitze" (2.770 m).

From the parking lot of the "Dolomitenhütte" take the normal route to the "Karlsbader Hütte", continue under the south wall of the "Roter Turm" and along the "Schmittband" to the entrance at the foot of the south flank of the "Kl. Laserzkopf". On this tour you can expect a beautiful ridge climb over seven peaks between 2,690m and 2,772m. Some very airy climbing sections provide impressive views! Emergency exit at the "Bösen Schartl". The tour ends at the highest peak of the Lienz Dolomites - perfect views over the breathtaking East Tyrolean mountains included! The descent is either via the "Ari-Schüberl-Steig" or the "Gebirgsjägersteig" (somewhat more difficult). Along the marked trail back to the "Karlsbaderhütte", from there continue on the normal trail back to the "Dolomitenhütte".

The difficulty of the Panorama via ferrata is mainly B/C, but there are also some longer D sections to master. With 3 hours ascent and about 2 hours climbing time very long and strenuous! A good physical condition, surefootedness and mountain experience are required.

Upper Austria | Donnerkogel (for advanced)

More adventure is hardly possible! Starting from the "Gablonzer" hut near the top station of the "Gosaukamm" cable car, the via ferrata classic starts in difficulty levels from B, C to D on the "Donnerkogel" - definitely a must-do for all adrenaline junkies and experienced climbers!

In about 3 hours you cover over 1,100 meters of altitude in two stages – although the first part is still relatively easy to moderately difficult. In about 3 hours, you cover more than 1,100 meters in altitude in two stages - whereby the first part is still relatively easy to moderately difficult. The transition over the "Donnermandl" to the "Großer Donnerkogel" at 2,054 m is more challenging and can be classified from difficult to very difficult. The highlight is definitely the 40 m long, free-floating panoramic sky ladder, which leads over a deep gorge up to the "Donnermandel" - pure adrenaline & thrills! (For visitors who are not quite free from giddiness: the sky ladder can also be bypassed). In addition, the via ferrata inspires with a fantastic view of the surrounding mountains and the entire "Gosautal". The descent back to the cable car station takes about an hour.

Salzburg | Drachenwand (for advanced)

- the ferrata highlight over the blue waters of Lake Mondsee! If you like alpine challenges, this is the right place in the Salzkammergut Mountains! With a difficulty level of mainly B/C and only a few passages with C/D the perfect destination for (trained!) pleasure climbers - alpine experience, sufficient condition, adequate equipment as well as sure-footedness and freedom from vertigo are, however, also a basic requirement here!

After 2.5 hours, 560 meters of climbing, spectacular ladders and exposed places with breathtaking views, you finally reach the summit at 1,060 m, where a fantastic view over the lake area to the mostly still snow-covered peaks of the "Dachstein" massif awaits you. Don't forget to sign the wall book! Our tip: Enjoy a great view of Lake Mondsee on the descent (approx. 1.5 h) through the so-called dragon hole!

So: On the summits, ready, go! Show us your #mymountainpassion!

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