Gloves protect against cold, heat & injuries and are an absolute MUST on via ferrata, on high altitude tours, mountaineering, alpine & ice climbing. When choosing the right glove model, however, questions always come up: Which material? Full-finger or half-finger gloves? There is no blanket answer to these questions. Depending on altitude, weather conditions, cold sensitivity and area of use, the glove has to have different features - so there is no such thing as THE perfect glove. Which factors should you pay particular attention to when making a purchase decision? We’ll tell you:

Gloves on the via ferrata - a must-have!

Via Ferrata Gloves are part of the basic equipment for via ferrata, just like helmet and via ferrata set. Gloves protect against injuries, for example from the carabiner of the via ferrata set, the rock or the steel rope. In addition, the gloves prevent you from getting blisters after a short time. The right via ferrata gloves also provide a better grip and relieve the hands. But beware: via ferratas are often underestimated! So before you plunge into your vertical adventure, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Which material?

High-quality glove materials are crucial for reliable climbing gloves. Due to the constant handling of the rope, the palm should be particularly protected against abrasion. We recommend a reinforcement made of leather. Leather gloves provide plenty of breathability and counteract sweaty and damp hands. The leather adapts flexibly to the
hand, so it also convinces with high wearing comfort and tactility. Leather is extremely robust and ensures a long life of the gloves. The fact that our gloves last a long time and we thereby counteract consumerism is of course particularly important to us as a CO2-neutral glove brand.

Allround-Modell wurde von der Bergrettung Tirol mitentwickelt.


Allround model was co-developed by Bergrettung Tirol.

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Unser Highlight am Klettersteig: „ROTER TURM“ mit Ziegenleder.


Our highlight on the via ferrata: “ROTER TURM” with goat leather.

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Full-finger or half-finger gloves?

Full finger gloves offer more protection & warmth. At the same time, however, there is less feeling in the fingertips and possibly also problems with the operation of the equipment or the via ferrata set. In terms of fingertip feeling, mobility & breathability, a half-finger glove is of course ideal.

Our finger gloves for mountain sports, however, are almost on par due to special cut and seam design: in winter sports gloves, seams are usually at the fingertips, so that there is also plenty of room for warm insulation. In case of the Zanier Mountaineering gloves Mymountainpassion, and as well as the two Core models 70° North.gtx and 50° North.gtx, this seam is shifted to the upper hand, the leather is pulled just above the fingertips. Thanks to this technology, the Zanier mountain sports models are also ideal in the haptic, even with long fingers.

Depending on the weather conditions & sensitivity of the fingers, you should ultimately decide for yourself which model you prefer. Our tip: when buying short-finger gloves, look for a tab on the finger or waistband, this ensures easy removal. The gloves for mountaineering should not have a seam directly over the fingertips.

Gloves especially for alpine climbing & mountaineering

The most diverse alpine challenges and weather conditions require high-quality equipment with the highest performance.

At over 3,000 meters it can be quite cool even in summer. Therefore extremely important: A good insulation and warming materials that you do not cool down! However, if you rely on a thick glove for a lot of warmth, you usually pay with a minus in freedom of movement. Thinner gloves for more tactility when climbing offer little protection against the cold. So, choose gloves depending on the activity and the prevailing weather! Sometimes even two different glove models need to be put in the backpack. Breathability is always important. Due to the often strongly changing temperatures on the mountain, the glove should on the one hand protect well against the cold, on the other hand counteract sweaty hands at high temperatures & activity level.

50° North.gtx mit speziellem Schnitt über den Fingerkuppen für ideale Taktilität.


50° North.gtx with special cut over the fingertips for perfect tactility.

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70° North.gtx für extreme Höhen & Temperaturen, trotzdem inkl. taktiler Fingerkonstruktion.


70° North.gtx for extreme temperatures, incl. tactile finger construction.

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Whether abseiling or securing in the snow, a certain abrasion resistance must be given so that the glove does not immediately disintegrate during intensive rope handling and grips on rough rocks. In the Zanier mountaineering models you will find this reinforcement between the thumb and index finger, as in the model.

To be able to guarantee the best quality & function of our mountaineering gloves, we count on close cooperation with our partners, the Mountain Rescue Tyrol and the Großglockner Mountain Guides in product development. Our goal with the new Core-Line: functional gloves with protection and features for every sport, every season and every activity level. Vitto Messini & Matthias Wurzer from the Großglockner Mountain Guides rely on the Mymountainpassion, the thinnest glove in our Rock&Ice Line. The full-leather glove is suitable for lower altitudes in the colder months of the year and in summer and in transitional periods also in the high mountains - the model is, by the way, ideal for really all sports.

Important: Make sure to try on gloves in store or use our size advisor. If the glove doesn’t fit properly, you’re dissatisfied with the best model.  

Photos: Sam Strauß, Willya, azett kommunikation

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