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The development of ZANIER heated gloves since 1999

Our passion for mountaineering and outdoor experiences is just as boundless as our claim to innovation since 1969. As a pioneer, ZANIER launched the world's first heated gloves in 1999, causing a great sensation on the market. Since then we have significantly increased our expertise in the heating segment.

The 20-year evolution of the ZANIER heat models


Zanier Heat Technology today: The batteries are concealed invisibly and hardly noticeably in the glove cuff. A global charger that recharges the batteries overnight is included.


The ZANIER Heat Technology is based on highly developed textile heat elements and a unique electronic control system. In the early years of HEAT technology, the glove had four process controlled heat levels, which were regulated by a slide switch on the battery. These were still on the outside of the glove and were significantly larger and heavier than today. The battery for the first models weighed 135 grams – but at that time it was already waterproof and shockproof!

From the 2003/04 collection onwards, the batteries were integrated into the gloves and their weight was reduced to 116 grams. The initial four heating levels were reduced to three. The heating elements run on the back of the hand to the fingertips – exactly where the heat is needed most. Impulse Control stimulates the blood circulation in the fingertips.

Invisible High-Tech in the glove

The robust Lithium Ion batteries that now weigh just 60 grams provide heat at three different levels for up to ten hours in the latest models. The glove's heating system is easy to operate at the touch of a button on the glove. The flame shaped light indicates the selected heating level out of the three (yellow, orange, red), the supplied USB charger recharges the batteries overnight.


As the HEAT.STX gloves, the HOT.STX mittens and as a specially developed flying sport model AVIATOR.GTX with GORE-TEX® with Gore plus Warm Technology and PRIMALOFT® GOLD INSULATION ECO, the heated gloves have become one of the most important winter accessories for many winter sports enthusiasts.

ZANIER Heat Technology with Raynaud's Syndrome

The heated gloves from ZANIER are not only important for athletes in extreme situations, for example spending a long time outdoors or in extreme cold. People who are particularly sensitive to cold or those suffering from Raynaud's syndrome can enjoy outdoor experiences in the cold season again without any worries thanks to ZANIER Heat Technology. The constriction of the blood vessels in the cold is a natural protective reaction by the body. However, people with Raynaud's syndrome experience excessive cold, which can cause circulatory problems and associated cramps when it is cold. The consequences are numbness and pain. Women are much more likely to fall ill with Raynaud's syndrome than men. Just like the freeride skier Anne Wangler, who has been part of the ZANIER team for years. It is all the more important to keep your hands warm in this case. Our Heat Technology offers the perfect protection for this.


The different Heat models are ideal for extreme sports as well as for leisure time. We are constantly working on further developing the heated gloves, their design, quality and functionality. We are taking the twentieth anniversary of our HEAT Technology as an occasion for two brand-new Heat models. A model for high activity levels such as ski tours and an urban, elegant leisure model made of fine goatskin will be available from next winter with integrated glove heating system.

This video shows how easy the Heat models are to operate: