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We focus on sustainability.


We are proud to produce CO2-neutral models, as sustainability is a matter close to ZANIER's heart. The collaboration with CLIMATE PARTNER makes ZANIER the first glove manufacturer to offer climate-neutral models. Climate neutral means that the company's C02 emissions are calculated and offset by certified climate protection projects.


Together with Climate Partner we have calculated all carbon emissions of our products and our company.


We continuously reduce our emissions: thanks to green electricity, a heat pump, energy efficiency and sustainable materials like Sympatex.


We offsed all unavoidable emissions by supporting carbon offset projects in Austria and China. 


We are a climate neutral company and all our products are climate neutral. Thanks to the Climate Partner labeling system with IDs, certified by TÜV Austria, all customers can see how and where the carbon emissions are offset.


Carbon offset projects demonstrably save greenhouse gas emissions through activities like forestation or enewable energy. Independent organizations such as TÜV, SGS or PwC verify the exact volume saved. The project operator can finance the project through the sale of certified emissions reductions.


As a traditional Tyrolean company, ZANIER is firmly rooted in the local mountain world. That is why it is a matter close to our hearts to support a climate protection project in the Alps as part of our cooperation with Climate Partner. "VITALPIN" builds bridges to a future in which people, the economy and nature are in balance with each other. Winter sports and tourism operate symbiotically. We are fully behind the initiative of Vitalpin and the KlimaInvest, which supports projects to mitigate climate change right on our doorstep.



On an international level, ZANIER is supporting a climate protection project in Guyan, China. It is obvious that the company attaches particular importance to environmental protection where the majority of ZANIER products are manufactured too. The population is growing continuously and so is electricity consumption. Currently, most electricity is generated from coal-fired power plants, which cause vast amounts of CO2 emissions. In order to offer a more environmentally sound and climate-friendly electricity supply in the long term, a wind farm was built in 2008 that has been feeding its electricity into the grid since 2010. As less energy is required from coal-fired power plants, this region's air quality and population's living conditions is improving.


Why climate neutral sports equiment?

  • You contribute to the fight against gloval warming and you support a climate neutral world economy.
  • You support recognized carbon offset projects.
  • You enable the consumer to choose the climate neutral alternative.
  • Full transparency: The carbon offset can be tracked via ID.