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  • We focus on Sustainability.

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    We focus on Winter.

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    We focus on our Heritage.

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    We focus on our products.

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      We focus on our proud heritage.

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      Half a century: That's how long the Zanier family has been passionate about the best grip, the most comfortable fit and maximum functionality in their gloves. An anniversary is a reason to celebrate but also an occasion to position the company and its products for the future. Glove expert ZANIER is entering a new era with a focus on sustainability, the use of innovative technologies and exciting partners. This also includes a contemporary design with high recognition value.

      We focus on our proud heritage.

      We focus on our strong partners.

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      Equipment for the most demanding requirements needs superb materials, high functionality and excellent workmanship. The close collaboration with the Austrian Mountain Rescue Service and numerous professional athletes has given ZANIER the expertise it needs to produce premium products that perform even in the harshest of conditions.

      GORE-TEXSwarovskiÖsterreichische BergrettungTirolwoolPrimaloftPolartecSympatexThindown FlexPolycolonSkimittelschule NeustiftSnowsport TirolBritish Ski + SnowboardBergführer KalsBerg- und Skiführer Heiligenblut
      Ride with Passion

      We focus on our riders.

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      • Anne Wangler
        #mymountainpassion Skiing | model HOT.STX
      • Veronika Serdült
        #mymountainpassion Snowboarding | model VOGUE MITTEN
      • Matthias "Hauni" Haunholder
        #mymountainpassion Skiing | model WILDSPITZE.TW
      • Manuela Mandl
        #mymountainpassion Snowboarding | model LASERZ.TW
      • Luca Tao Marco Pichler
        #mymountainpassion Skiing | model GLOCKNER.TW
      • Gabriel Wibmer
        #mymountainpassion Biking | model Gabriel Wibmer Signature Glove
      • René Unterwurzacher
        #mymountainpassion Biking | model MTB Pro
      • Tirol KTM Cycling Team
        #mymountainpassion Road Biking | model Cycling Team Glove
      • You are an adventure story
        #mymountainpassion Mountaineering | model ROTER TURM, HEAT LINER
      • Daniel Kofler
        #mymountainpassion Paragliding | model AVIATOR.GTX
      • Roland Brunnbauer
        #mymountainpassion Paragliding | model WAVE
      • Klaudia Bulgakow
        #mymountainpassion Paragliding | model NORDIC.ZB
      • Dave Ryding
        #mymountainpassion Alpine Skiing | model GATE KILLER
      • Niki Salencon
        #mymountainpassion Skiing | model ZENITH.GTX
      • Michele Roscini Vitali
        #mymountainpassion Skiing | model ILLUSION
      • Bergrettung Tirol
        #mymountainpassion Skiing | model LASERZ.TW
      • Großglockner Bergführer Kals
        #mymountainpassion Skiing | model GLOCKNER.TW
      • Großglockner Bergführer Heiligenblut
        #mymountainpassion Skiing | model WILDSPITZE.TW
      • Österreichische Berg- und Schiführer
        #mymountainpassion Skiing | model 70° NORTH.GTX

      We focus on our technologies.

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      The ZANIER Heat Technology is based on highly developed textile heat elements and a unique electronic control system. The high-quality lithium-ion-batteries are extremely light and are invisible and virtually imperceptible within the cuff. Comes with a charger.
      Gloves with this technology
      Gloves with this technology
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      The special aluminium coating inside the glove reflects the body’s own warmth.
      Gloves with this technology
      Gloves with this technology
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      Additional insulation covering fingertips for more warmth and comfort.
      Gloves with this technology
      Gloves with this technology

      We focus on new challenges.

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      Winter athletes are made in summer - how to keep fit during the summer!

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      The best Bikeparks in Austria

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      Safety tips for ski touring in spring

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